Annual Exhibition

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Kerrville, Texas
April 1--April 27, 2014



April is a great time to visit the Texas Hill Country. The weather is usually very pleasant and the famous Texas Bluebonnets and other wild flowers are spectacular in April. One website reported 5000 varieties in the Texas hills. The Guadalupe River winds through historic Kerrville with city parks and nature trails just a block from downtown. For more information about visiting Kerrville, go to

The Kerr Arts and Cultural Center has hosted the NWS and AWS traveling exhibits a number of times in the past few years. Kerrville has several other local arts organizations; Museum of Western Arts, Hill Country Arts Foundation, Symphony of the Hills, Playhouse 2000, plus several galleries.

Located in the hill country of Texas, Kerrville is a one and one-half hour drive from the nearest airport in neighboring San Antonio. In San Antonio, their world famous Annual Fiesta Celebration will be April 17 through 27 in 2014.


Best of Show $1750
  Miles Batt -- Off A Maine Road

Canson (Arches)
  Elaine Callahan -- America the Fruitful

Gold Award $1500
  Denise Athanas -- Jazzy Red II

Gallery Street
  Deborah Wurzel -- Orange Tulips

Silver Award $1250
  Dean Mitchell -- Thirsty

Airfloat Systems
  Toni Elkins -- Missed Connection

Bronze Award $1000
  Paul Jackson -- Sea Gypsies

Jack Richeson & Co #1
  Carol Frye -- Onward and Upward

Georg Shook Memorial Award $600
  Bill Bailey -- Going Places

Jack Richeson & Co #2
  Jeffrey Jakub -- Blonde

Watercolor Society of Alabama Award $250
  Judy Mudd -- Neglected Wisdom

Golden Artists Colors
  Carla Gautier -- Three Noseless Nobles

Georgia Watercolor Society Award $250
  Janet Mach Dutton -- Bank Robber

Jack Richeson & Co #3
  Judy Betts -- After Work

Virginia Watercolor Society Award $250
  Iain Stewart -- On the Bosphorus-Istanbul

Dr.pH Martins (Salis International) #1
  Taylor Ikin -- Party of Two

Lithohaus Award $250
  Vera Dickerson -- Deep in Thought

Dr.pH Martins (Salis International) #2
  William James -- Confederate Boys Praying

Drs. Robert & Ora Kromhout Award $200
  Soon Warren -- Heart of Cherries

Dr.pH Martins (Salis International) #3
  Lynne Hardwick -- Serendipity I

Potomac Valley Watercolorists Award $200
  Jacqueline Clark -- Music Room II

Creative Catalysts + F&W Media #1
  Janice Sayles -- Linen Glass

M. Graham Paints
  Mary Britten Lynch -- Glass Bricks

Creative Catalysts + F&W Media #2
  Carol Staub -- Environmental Series No.16

W&N (Col Arts America)
  Suzanna Winton -- The Demo

Daler Rowney
  Sue Pink -- Alphabet Soup

Cheap Joe's
  Frank Spino -- Orange Crush