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Watercolor 16 x 24 inches
By Johanna Hanks


1275 SW Indian Trail Ct.
Topeka, Kansas 66604
website: website

Johanna was not born with a paint brush in her hand and she didn't feel the "creative music" to recapture sights until later in life. However, once she started, there was no stopping her.

Initially, her primary focus was the theatre, but while convalescing from an illness, her artistic brother and daughters insisted she try painting on a canvas.

"I decided to try painting as a way to keep my sanity" was Johanna's mantra. When she started, "she couldn't draw a stright line, but there must have been something inside her" as she progressed in her skills.

"You have to be different to be a painter, though whose definition of normal depends on what side of the fence you're on"

Johanna does various exhibits through out the year, but she tries to do most of them during the spring and summer. She has been involved in exhibits, solo shows, juried competition, and has received awards across the country.

Most of her work is watercolors of various subjects, but she uses a variety of mediums, including pastels, acrylics, oils, and print making. When asked what medium she favors, she replies "the one I am working on at the time".

She tries not to use photographs other than as a reference, and then to bring back the mood she first got when she took the photo. Often, the painting doesn't resemble the photo, but captures the mood.

"I do not believe you paint the same with different subjects, because you get different feelings. I do not get the same emotion when painting a landscape that you would get doing a still life or a person".

Johanna and her husband have traveled extensively because of his job and that is why she is able to paint different parts of the country. She earned her Bachelor's degree in art study and design at Colorado State University, and she and her husband have settled in the Topeka area to be close to family. When she is not painting, she is teaching art, or reading, thinking, or planning her next works based on what she sees or has seen.

Her goal as an artist is to capture the moment so that when people look at her paintings, their own relationship should form a reminder of their own past.

Johanna is a native of New York City and ventures east to perodically continue her art studies. When last in New York, they visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and contemplated the works of 19th century masters. She was astonished as always because they made their paints from berries, flowers, and leaves. They didn't have modern technology or the shortcuts that we have. In some ways, they practically invented painting for us. Johanna wonders what type of art work the 20th century will leave behind.



Watercolor 18 x 24 inches
By Johanna Hanks


Watercolor 18 x 24 inches
By Johanna Hanks