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by Jeanne Heise is watercolor on paper
Price is $2,250.
Exhibited in the 2006 Arizona Watercolor Association show and in the 2006 Watercolor Art Society-Houston International Exhibition



Artist's Statement
"I have been involved with the arts since I was a small child, but watermedia became my first love over twenty years ago. The brilliant colors and wonderful spontaneous effects that can only be achieved with this versatile medium make it perfect for expressing the joy of life I find in my everyday surroundings. I see beauty and exciting design possibilities everywhere. Even the laundry basket holds a never~ending supply of fresh painting inspirations! My current work is very much influenced by the patterns and bright, cheerful colors I see in my grandchildren's laundry! It seems to call out to me to paint the wonderful abstract designs that just appear at random in the jumble of freshly washed garments. They seem to be chuckling at me! I hope the viewer will smile also when seeing my work."

Jeanne Heise earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She did post graduate work in Art History at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, completing course work in the Master of Arts program.

She discovered the Watercolor Art Society-Houston after moving to The Woodlands, Texas in 1995. Jeanne took advantage of many of the fine workshops offered by WAS-H and studied under Carla O'Connor, Cheng Khee-Chee, Judy Morris, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, Arne Westerman, Stephen Quiller, Don Getz, H.C. Dodd and many others.

Jeanne has exhibited her paintings in many national shows including the American Watercolor Society, the Arizona Watercolor Association, the Society of Watercolor Artists and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. She has earned signature status in the Southern Watercolor Society, the Texas Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Art Society-Houston.

She has served on the Board of Directors at WAS-H for five years as Membership Show Director, Membership Director, International Exhibition Director, and now as President for the year 2006-07.




by Jeanne Heise is watercolor on paper
22 x 30 watercolor on paper
in the 2006 Southern Watercolor Society Exhibit
Price is $2,200


by Jeanne Heise is
watercolor on paper
Price is $1,500