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Dancing Ladies

Image size: 25" x 17"
Framed size: 38" x 32"


P.O. Box 731, South Boston, Va. 24592
Phone: 434-572-2278

As an artist, Karen Shelton achieves paintings that emit and evince a human experience. Her subject matter consists of the everyday, and yet she has mastered that quality that makes a painting successful. She reaches further, beyond the abstract and the representational, into an intimate spirituality that consists of her individual way of seeing things balanced against the personal experiences that each viewer brings to his interaction with her paintings.

In building her compositions of beautiful and comfortable common objects, Karen Shelton challenges the complacency with which we as viewers see and by-pass these very subjects. She is not building static still-life scenes, but vignettes that see a dramatic play between light and dark; between treasured and overlooked.

In addition to the many private and corporate collections that boast her work, she has watercolors in the permanent collections of the Portsmouth Museum in Portsmouth, Virginia, and the Caswell Council for Arts and History in North Carolina. Karen Shelton currently shows her work at outdoor shows and festivals, and at her studio in South Boston, Virginia.

Personal Statement:
God gave a me a gift that I have enjoyed all my life; and now, feeling more grateful and taking it more seriously, I am working hard to cultivate and improve on that desire. I admire artists who bring the hurts of the world to our attention; but I personally need to express my love and appreciation for the beauty of life. I am presently painting still lifes – objects and flowers that, for me and hopefully my audience, evoke warm feelings of family, serenity and even spirituality. I am not trying to make a statement with my art other than to appreciate the everyday world around me...the beauty of the fruits of the earth and the love of family and those that came before me.



Tulips & the Potato Salad Bowl II

Image size: 16" x 16"

Framed size: 27" x 27"




Essence of Iris

Image size: 14" x 23"

Framed size: 28" x 37"